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Formally Verified Foundation

BedRock has built its foundation using formal methods, preventing vulnerabilities in the software stack. Formal methods are the means of having a rigorously defined language of proofs. It has always been the future of operating systems, but it has only recently become mature enough to be commercially viable. BedRock uses formal verification at scale by building a toolchain to reduce human error and minimize the time to verification.

Security for Apps & OS

BedRock Systems’ security employs formal verification of a capability-based system to administer access to resources and prevent the spread of malicious code. The BedRock Hypervisor is outside of the attack surface, protecting all key components so they cannot be blocked or bypassed by attackers.

No Changes to Up-Stack

Hardware virtualization means no changes need to be made to the up-stack software in order to implement the BedRock Hypervisor.  Rather than patching vulnerabilities, we provide a preventative, non-invasive security solution that can be used across industries.

Our Associations

Through formal verification, BedRock Systems is able to guarantee that most attacks are not possible to begin with. We mitigate vulnerabilities without patches, ensuring protection even if attacks occur.