BedRock Systems Selected as 2021 INNOVATORS


BedRock’s innovation “Unbreakable Foundation for Formally Secured Computing” participated at MOSAICS Industry day event (San Mateo, CA, Nov 22, 2021) — BedRock Systems, the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for secured computing from edge to cloud, today announced it was received the TechConnect 2021 innovation award for “Unbreakable Foundation for Secured Computing” an innovative technology to […]

Time for Critical Industry to BedRock its Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Barely a week passes by without worrying news of an attack on the infrastructure we rely so heavily on. Who would have thought that the availability of the most essential foundations for life on this planet are at risk? While experts have warned for decades that we need to take action, the recent incident in […]

Formal Methods Address the Deficiencies Of the Traditional Development Processes

Formal Methods

Traditionally, software design relies on inefficient, ineffective, informal techniques to ensure that the software operates as intended. Consequently, bugs slip through the quality assurance process and companies spend a great deal of time and money trying to fix them. Formal methods techniques provide an alternative (but complementary) means to ensure quality. Using these techniques, developers build mathematical models of the systems and use logic to reason precisely about them.

Not All Hypervisors are Created Equally


BedRock HyperVisor™ or BHV™ is built with leading edge materials: a formally verified trusted computing base with a precise specification, so confidential data is protected and applications behave exactly as specified.

BedRock Explained in 90 Seconds

The BedRock Systems mission is to BedRock the world’s critical systems from Edge to Cloud implementing the most secure and Trusted Computing Base

Build a Trusted Computing Base for Your Business Applications

critical infrastructure energy and utilities

New design ensures that company data is safe and applications perform as expected. By Osman Ismael Merriman-Webster defines trust as “one in which confidence is placed”. Nowadays, businesses have difficulty placing their trust in their computer systems because they constantly fall victim to attack. The problem is traditional hypervisor design is outdated. A hypervisor based […]

How to BedRock Your Traditional and Distributed Energy Resources

A nation’s infrastructure is worth protecting, learn how to add BedRock Solutions to your traditional and distributed energy resources. Also, review various approaches to BedRocking and employee use cases that can inform your implementation process. Click the image below to view the full whitepaper.