Build Applications on BedRock and Not Sand

formally secured computing.

BedRock Systems Inc. delivers an unbreakable foundation for formally secured computing.

No one would build a skyscraper on a pile of sand, yet most corporations run their business applications on computing infrastructure riddled with flaws, flaws that slow down application development, increase maintenance costs, and are open to intrusion. Why? Frankly, they had no other choice – until now. BedRock provides a trusted computing base with a minimal attack surface that protects company data and runs from the data center to edge.

Virtualization Limitations Become Evident

Technology has moved at a rapid pace in the past decade. While systems nowadays offer a great deal of flexibility, they were created on insecure infrastructure, and make no mistake: applications are under attack. Juniper Research estimates that in 2019, the annual cost of cyberattacks on businesses topped $2 trillion. Increased investment in traditional cyber security platforms are resulting in cyber-attacks moving down the computing stack exploiting vulnerabilities, traversing from software to hardware, threatening devices in homes, cars, businesses, networks, and cloud. 

Hackers attack because enterprise applications are vulnerable. The problem is current virtualization solutions are too big, many have tens of millions of lines of code. They are buggy; suppliers delivered them to market without sufficient due diligence. As a result, they simply do not protect corporations’ most vital assets.

A number of vendors have tried to address enterprise security concerns, but they did so in a piecemeal fashion, cobbling security countermeasures vulnerabilities once they become known. The process is similar to putting a huge cage around corporate applications. Sectors like government, critical infrastructure, industrial automation, energy, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services and the Internet of Mobile Things may feel that information is safe, but there are numerous ways in.

The BedRock Advantage

What is needed is a new cornerstone, one that was designed from the ground up to thwart today’s attacks. BedRock Systems relies on formal methods that prevent vulnerabilities from being created anywhere in the software stack. This design has always been the development of Holy Grail, but only recently has technology evolved, so it became mature and commercially viable.

Existing infrastructure was built on sand, technology foundations that cannot deliver the high-grade security needed today. As nation state threats target our infrastructure and economic security, this lack of functionality means that critical infrastructure is becoming increasingly challenged to protect their assets. The time has come for a new foundation, and BedRock Systems delivers an unbreakable foundation for formally secured computing.

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