Security Engineer, Operating Systems

Full Time
Bay Area/San Mateo, CA, Berlin, Germany, Boston, MA, Munich, Germany
Posted 1 year ago

Full time
San Mateo, CA – Boston, MA – Berlin or Munich, GER

The Current State

Businesses should be built on a rock-solid foundation. However, the current edge and cloud computing infrastructures are built on a foundation of sand. None of its components should be considered “trusted.” Design and implementation defects in these components give rise to vulnerabilities that can become critical security flaws. And security flaws become safety issues and can severely impact governments and entire industries.

Our Mission is to BedRock the world’s critical systems from Edge to Cloud implementing the most secure and Trusted Computing Base.

THE FUTURE IS BUILT ON BEDROCK – An Unbreakable Foundation for Formally Secured Computing. BedRock Systems is on a mission to deliver a trusted computing base from edge to cloud, where safety and security isn’t just a perception, it’s a formally proven reality. Our foundation does not require painful up-stack changes; it embraces existing hardware, operating systems, and application ecosystems. When systems are BedRocked, the operation is secured, innovation is unlocked, new services are launched, trust is re-established, and revenue can grow. Governments and businesses gain back velocity and can securely evolve at the speed of software.

Our Team Is Growing!

BedRock Systems is a stealth startup with a global team. Our platform is based upon cutting-edge technology and leverages the latest development, methodologies and tools. We were founded by industry veterans who built large successful companies from scratch. Our top-notch team is a mixture of the best from industry and academia. Come transform the computing landscape. Join the BedRock Systems team!

As a BedRock Security Engineer you will:

  • Build out the services and API that BedRock userland components use to find and talk with one another—the mechanisms by which resources register and share themselves, and then discover and connect with one another.
  • This is a low-level subsystem sitting directly on top of our microhypervisor that will be used by all other core  components
  • Analogous to building libc for Linux / glibc

You could be a great fit for this role if you have:

Must Haves:

  • 5+ years industry experience, MS in computer science or equivalent
  • Bare-metal programming and low-level systems / constrained environments expert
    • Can write performant code without using existing libs or frameworks
    • Using IPC and shared memory as your substrate
  • Embedded operating systems and microkernel / hypervisor experience
    • MINIX 3, HelenOS, FreeRTOS (used by Amazon), AUTOSAR RTOS
  • Experience with componentized / distributed systems and low-level system messaging
    • Genode, k42, multikernels (Barrelfish, Amoeba), D-Bus, systemd 
    • Cross-component APIs / service-oriented architectures.
  • Operating system internals and fundamentals
    • Memory models and allocators / MMUs, process management and thread synchronization, SMP programming, low-level systems calls, boot loaders, device drivers
  • Conceptual understanding of virtualization in modern OSes
  • Self-directed, able to navigate conflicting opinions and drive decisions / outcomes
  • C++ expert

Nice to Have:

  • Has implemented an Operating System or an important part of it
  • FLOSS fan – can point us to your contributions and side projects
  • ARMv8 or x86 architecture (privilege levels, page tables, interrupts, etc.) and instruction set (assembly programming) experience
  • Linux kernel experience
  • Active US Security Clearance

Why BedRock?

We were founded by industry veterans who built large successful companies from scratch. Our top-notch team is a mixture of the best from industry and academia. Come transform the computing landscape.

BedRock is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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