Dissecting Critical Infrastructure Risks: The Double-Edged Sword Of Interoperability

Critical Infrastructure Risks

https://bedrocksystems.com/wp-content/uploads/bedrock-webinar-distilling-critical-infrastructure.mp4 In “Dissecting Critical Infrastructure Risks: The Double-Edged Sword of Interoperability”, an expert panel of cyber security and critical infrastructure professionals discuss how the growing need for interoperability between the legacy and modern OT and IT systems that power our most critical infrastructure has resulted in unprecedented levels of architectural complexity which hinders the ability […]

How Do You Win A Game of Chess Against A Grand Master?

IoT Smart Infrastructure

On March 17th BedRock SVP of Business Development and Strategy, John Walsh sat down with Dots and Bridges CEO and Founder, Pete Tseronis for IoT Smart Infrastructure Working Group to discuss protecting our Nation’s most critical infrastructure sectors. How do you win a game of chess? Through joint collaboration between Government and Industry, we can enable threat visibility, […]

BedRock Explained in 90 Seconds


The BedRock Systems mission is to BedRock the world’s critical systems from Edge to Cloud implementing the most secure and Trusted Computing Base