The advent of connected cars and trucks poses a great risk to society as a whole if security precautions are not adequately addressed. With connectivity comes more avenues for hackers to exploit, with the potential for intentional traffic disruptions and bodily harm to passengers. The BedRock Hypervisor is able to ensure automotive industry security for connected and autonomous vehicles without software developers and manufacturers having to modify their existing processes.

Software-Defined Vehicles

As the automotive industry transitions away from hardware-defined vehicles to software-defined, system security and passenger safety are of the utmost importance. BedRock Systems provides a bulletproof virtualization layer for the software-defined car that makes sure it remains functionally safe in a connected world. Without the need to change the upstack OS or application, formal methods ensure the car stays secure, and keeps vulnerable consumer software secure within a mixed criticality environment.

Secure Automotive Cloud

Cloud technology for connected and autonomous vehicles needs to be unconditionally secure in order to ensure safety for users. The BedRock Hypervisor guarantees absolute security, even if the cloud structure is compromised. The formally verified, trusted computing base allows for innovation and total control even while under attack.

BedRock Systems also provides a digital twin to allow for optimization and testing of applications in critical and complex environments before deployment. With the BedRock safe and secure virtualization layer, from edge to cloud, companies can test and validate policies, and then enforce them on the critical device.

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We Provide Solutions

As the global market for connected and autonomous cars and trucks grows, so do the risks of private data loss and safety-critical manipulation. Building these vehicles with the maximum level of cybersecurity protection available is vital to the automotive industry. BedRock Systems provides cutting-edge security technology, guaranteeing safety for consumers while helping companies innovate within the industry.