Defense & Intelligence

It is no surprise that the defense and intelligence communities face some of the biggest and potentially most damaging cyber threats. Cybersecurity is a constant struggle between new attacks from bad actors and those charged with protecting critical systems. Systems that are not secure, are also not Safe and can’t protect the nation and the people. BedRock Systems provides the resiliency and survivability the defense and intelligence users require.

Defense & Intelligence Use Cases

Command and Control Information Systems

Command and Control Information Systems (CCIS) rely heavily on automation, with electronic equipment and computer networks as their primary components. A truly secure CCIS requires both integrity and availability. The BedRock Hypervisor provides these through software-defined architectures and cloud-like backend systems.


Be it for border control and surveillance, or to protect the airspace over airports and public events, highly autonomous drones have become the only viable option. Because of their high criticality and need to assure and protect the mission and its data, they need to be impenetrable and fail operational even when under cyber attack. Their highly sophisticated software for machine learning and advanced sensing, usually based on vulnerable stacks such as Linux, needs active security and monitoring to keep them on mission. BedRock provides both impenetrable safety and security against attacks to devices and CCIS, as well as active security with policy enforcement to protect the vulnerable applications, OS and containers, without the need to change them.

Ultra Secure Mobile

Ultra Secure Mobiles, like dual persona devices, allow for two separate, independent user environments on a single device. The BedRock Hypervisor ensures security conscious mobile devices, even in “bring your own device” scenarios. Availability and integrity are guaranteed, down to the resource partitioning of hardware devices involved in securing the different operating modes of the device. Active Security Policy ensures the defined behavior and protection of data based on a formally secure foundation.

Secure Workstation

Intelligence requires absolute security, guaranteed separation, and a defined flow of information. This is easily achieved with the BedRock Hypervisor. Formally proven separation and resource and communication policy can be managed and archived at the hypervisor level, assuring a secure workstation from any location.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

As decentralized financial services heavily rely on cloud infrastructure, they accept the associated risk. The BedRock Hypervisor minimizes this risk, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information stored on a government cloud infrastructure. Applications can run securely, even on untrusted or compromised cloud infrastructure, ensuring maximum objective  security. Our formally verified, trusted computing base allows for innovation even while under attack.

Virtualization in the cloud and on the edge can reduce operational expenses and make information sharing easier. It also puts applications at risk of exposure if not executed with care. The BedRock Hypervisor enables organizations to run critical applications and securely store data on the cloud, even if cyber-attacks are attempted.

Secure Government Cloud