FinServ & DeFi

Traditional financial services underpin many of the most basic human economic activities. They perform essential functions like moving, storing and lending money.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the collective name for a group of projects and protocols, generating new digital tools, marketplaces and asset classes that are creating entirely new ways of looking at money. Together these sectors are ripe targets for cyber-attack. Protecting these assets is paramount to protect the backbone of our society.

BedRock Systems’ formally verified computing foundation provides isolation at a scale that has never before been achieved. Built using formal methods, BedRock protects against vulnerabilities in the software stack through a rigorously defined language of proofs and administers access to resources and prevents the spread of malicious code, even in existing legacy applications and systems.

FinServ & DeFi Use Cases

Secure Workstation

Intelligence requires absolute security, guaranteed separation, and a defined flow of information. This is easily achieved with the BedRock Hypervisor. Formally proven separation and resource and communication policy can be managed and archived at the hypervisor level, assuring a secure workstation from any location.