Sensitive IP (Pharma, DIB)

Intellectual property can often be as or more valuable than physical assets. This is especially true for AI augmented applications as well as in industries like pharmaceuticals and those connected to defense. Our Ultra Secure Desktop and Laptop solutions can be leveraged to protect intellectual property or developers and R&D in many industries. The knowledge, trade secrets and patents must be protected by cybersecurity that is undeniably trustworthy. BedRock’s formally verified platform provides the level of security and unbreakable protection those assets deserve.

Sensitive IP (Pharma, DIB) Use Cases

Ultra Secure Mobile

Ultra Secure Mobiles, like dual persona devices, allow for two separate, independent user environments on a single device. The BedRock Hypervisor ensures security conscious mobile devices, even in “bring your own device” scenarios. Availability and integrity are guaranteed, down to the resource partitioning of hardware devices involved in securing the different operating modes of the device. Active Security Policy ensures the defined behavior and protection of data based on a formally secure foundation.

Secure Workstation

Intelligence requires absolute security, guaranteed separation, and a defined flow of information. This is easily achieved with the BedRock Hypervisor. Formally proven separation and resource and communication policy can be managed and archived at the hypervisor level, assuring a secure workstation from any location.