Cybersecurity for the telecommunications sector is more important than ever. Zero-day attacks are increasingly common, putting business and consumer data, and organizational reputations, at risk. BedRock Systems provides a bulletproof layer of telecommunications security, drastically reducing threats from cyber-attacks and protecting even unpatched telco systems.


5G was developed in response to the growing number of connected devices always searching for an internet connection. In order to support 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency, the core network of IoT devices will need secure mobile edge computing infrastructure to keep up with the volume of data and the growth of critical use cases. BedRock Systems provides a formally verified hypervisor, spanning from the edge to the cloud, to securely move and store data. Our secure edge virtualization drives down infrastructure costs while allowing for greater flexibility and security. This enables businesses to scale rapidly, offering 5G support to consumers while fully protecting the network and data with a minimal attack surface.

Machine-to-Machine Communication & the Internet of Things

Wireless communication has made machine-to-machine communication (M2M) much easier, enabling more devices and applications to be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Of course constant internet connection poses security and safety risks, particularly when machines communicate without human oversight and interaction. Building IoT devices and apps on BedRock’s secure IoT backend infrastructure and app platform minimizes the network attack surface considerably, offering bulletproof protection from cyber-attacks. Based on our mathematical proof, the BedRock Hypervisor guarantees that code and data are protected, while also allowing for scalability and innovation even if the network is under attack.


Private Cloud

Many organizations use a private cloud in order to isolate their data from others. This creates security risks, as the responsibility for security lies solely within the organization. While public clouds are a more common target for cyber-attacks, they also have the experience and tools to mitigate them. BedRock provides a rock-solid foundation for private cloud infrastructure, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all cloud data. Our secure enclave protects the hardware, software, and data run from a private cloud, even when accessed outside of the security perimeter. The BedRock Hypervisor requires no changes to the up-stack, making it an ideal choice for implementation within existing private clouds. 

Telecom Private Cloud