Why Partner With BedRock Systems?

The industry relies on a well integrated ecosystem. For a faster time to market and revenue, platforms are becoming more “application ready,” requiring reference implementations of the partial stack for the relevant use cases. 

BedRock is building the next generation foundation for service velocity in critical devices and infrastructure. By embracing virtualization technology and formal methods, this is a highly disruptive technology that lowers the effort for unmodified operating systems and applications to move to new multi-core hardware with virtualization technology. By encapsulating most of the complexity in the virtualization layer, time to market and revenue for both the user as well as the solutions provider is accelerated, while ensuring the benefit of disruptive new features is not lost to the application. 

We are working to support the most relevant processor architectures, SOCs, and reference boards, as well as software stacks based on open source and proprietary technology. With our business friendly open source license, we are also compatible with projects from the Linux Foundation.

BedRock is looking for fellow travelers, market shapers, and disruptive technology to integrate with and enable our customers to embrace the new technology as early as possible.

Partner with Us