BedRock Systems Inc. Appoints Sean Plankey as Chief Architect for Energy and Critical Industries

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA., September 27, 2022 — BedRock Systems, the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for secure computing from edge to cloud, today announced the addition of Sean Plankey as Chief Architect for Energy and Critical Industries. A veteran of the US Coast Guard and former Department of Energy Executive with extensive cyber security experience, Plankey will lead efforts to define and deliver solutions into Energy, Utilities and other Critical Industries segments.

Plankey comes to BedRock Systems after years as an executive in the government and private sector. He has served at the nexus of cyber warfare for the past decade, leading and advising teams at U.S. Cyber Command, in Afghanistan, in some of the largest global companies, and ultimately in the White House. 

“Sean is a well-known and respected industry leader, driving improvements in cybersecurity from the White House to the private sector. We look forward to his leadership architecting and delivering BedRock solutions into Critical Industries,” said John Walsh, SVP Strategy & Business Development at BedRock Systems. 

“I am excited to join BedRock Systems as they have a novel and proven approach to shoring up cyber defenses in critical industries’ systems and infrastructure. BedRock is the first technology I’ve seen based on formal methods to prevent cyberattacks, versus the traditional detection and response methodology,” said Plankey.

BedRock Systems is on a mission to deliver a trusted computing base from edge to cloud, where the security and resiliency of cyber physical systems isn’t just a perception, it’s a formally proven reality. BedRock Hypervisor™ (BHVTM) provides a trustworthy computing base with a minimal attack surface that fundamentally redefines security. Being proven with formal methods, BHV guarantees workloads behave as if they are running isolated on bare metal hardware. Combined with Active Security® policy enforcement, BedRock has created an unbreakable and secure layer of protection that is both invisible and unable to be bypassed, enabling new levels of security and resiliency to critical systems and infrastructure.

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BedRock Systems is the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for secured computing from edge to cloud. Designed on the principles of Zero Trust and formal methods, BedRock Systems provides unprecedented levels of security and resiliency to the world’s most critical systems and infrastructure. Industries like Energy, Financial Services/DeFi, Government, Defense, Health & Life Sciences and other critical infrastructure sectors all use BedRock to improve cybersecurity, reduce cost and improve resiliency in the face of constant attack. BedRock your system and workloads today. Learn more at



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