BedRock Systems Sweeps 2023 RSA Conference with 10 Coveted Global InfoSec Awards for their Unbreakable Approach to Cybersecurity

BedRock Systems Recognized as a Leader across 10 Categories, Including Most Innovative Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Startup During 11th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at RSA Conference 2023.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA| APRIL 24, 2023BedRock Systems, the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for secure computing from edge to cloud, announced today that it has been named a winner of 10 Global InfoSec Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM),  a premier source of cyber security news and information for InfoSec professionals in business and government. BedRock Systems’ large number of recognitions in the 2023 Global InfoSec Awards reflects the company’s game-changing and foundational breakthroughs in software security. 

BedRock Systems’ powerful prevention-based approach to cybersecurity defends against zero-day attacks and can detect and stop unsanctioned attempts at remote code execution and privilege escalation.  The following InfoSec Awards underscore BedRock’s ability to dramatically bolster system security, boost reliability, increase trust and compliance, and eliminate severe costs to business:

  • Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Startup
  • Cutting Edge InfoSec Startup
  • Top Chief Technology Officer- Osman Ismael
  • Most Comprehensive Advanced Persistent Threat (APT):Detection and Response

BedRock Systems provides a layer of runtime introspection, policy enforcement and monitoring that cannot be bypassed.  These awards showcase the company’s ability to enforce least privilege and protect against container breakout with strong isolation and micro-segmentation of workloads:

  • Hot Company Micro-Segmentation
  • Hot Company Zero Trust Application Protection
  • Market Leader Zero Trust

The following awards exemplify BedRock Systems’ commitment to hardening and protecting critical infrastructure and defense systems:

  • Most Innovative Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Next Gen Embedded Security
  • Most Comprehensive Mobile Device Security

“We scoured the globe looking for cybersecurity innovators that could make a huge difference and potentially help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cyber-crime. BedRock Systems is absolutely worthy of these 10 coveted awards and consideration for deployment in your environment,” said Yan Ross, Editor of Cyber Defense Magazine.

“Today’s current threat environment leaves no room for conventional and fundamentally flawed approaches to cybersecurity,” said Bob Tinker, CEO of BedRock Systems Inc. “We’re happy to receive these recognitions from Cyber Defense Magazine, helping underscore the urgent need to transition beyond traditional protection, detection, mitigation, and restoration measures and prioritize prevention as an essential component of the cybersecurity framework.”

Today, the exploitation of innumerable vulnerabilities throughout modern operating systems, containers and applications has become the top attack vector leveraged by cyber adversaries.  And yet, modern approaches to cybersecurity remain fundamentally flawed in their ability to defend against such attacks.  Equally vulnerable to being compromised and disarmed, conventional approaches, at best, detect and respond to exploits that have already succeeded.  The impact to enterprises and organizations is tremendous – higher risk, higher costs and reduced reliability.

BedRock Systems has changed the game with a fundamentally new approach to cybersecurity that is able to stop exploits cold, preventing damage associated with zero-day attacks, and doing so even before patching occurs.  This gives security and infrastructure teams the ability to assure workload security, while also removing operational risks associated with emergency patch updates. Unlike conventional approaches which seek to detect and respond to exploits that have already compromised a system, BedRock solutions are able to see and prevent exploits in their tracks, before damage occurs.  By implementing measures to stop these attack chains in their tracks, BedRock can dramatically enhance system security, strengthen reliability, and ultimately eliminate the significant costs that businesses would otherwise incur as a result of these attacks.

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