BedRock Systems Announces Multiple Global InfoSec Award Wins at RSA Conference 2021

InfoSec Award

Unbreakable security software company lauded by Cyber Defense Magazine for its products, innovation and leadership 

InfoSec Award

(San Mateo, CA, June 11, 2021) — BedRock Systems, the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for formally secured computing from edge to cloud, announced today that it has been named a winner of five Global InfoSec Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine. The awards, in their ninth year, call out the quality of a range of the company’s capabilities, innovation and its executive leadership.

The awards include:

  • Editor’s Choice in Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
  • Cutting Edge in Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Publisher’s Choice in Cybersecurity Startup of the Year
  • Most Innovative in Security Project of the Year
  • CEO of the Year – Klaus Oestermann


The Global InfoSec Awards are given by Cyber Defense Magazine to recognize the industry’s best in information security products and services. These accolades reinforce BedRock’s leadership position as it brings to market the first commercial foundation for formally secured computing, from edge to cloud.

“Winning InfoSec Awards in these categories is an important validation of what we’re doing at BedRock. The threats faced by government, critical infrastructure and commercial enterprises keep growing. We’re proud to develop real protection against incidents and provide defense in-depth for our customers,” said Klaus Oestermann, CEO of BedRock Systems.

BedRock Systems addresses a fundamental problem with cloud and edge infrastructure today, the lack of a secure Trusted Computing Base (TCB). As critical infrastructure shifts to the cloud with perpetual connection, the need to protect against vulnerabilities, nation-state attacks and threats associated with connected devices continues to grow and BedRock Systems is there.

“We scoured the globe looking for cybersecurity innovators that could make a huge difference and potentially help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cyber crime.  BedRock Systems is absolutely worthy of these coveted awards and consideration for deployment in your environment,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

About BedRock Systems

BedRock Systems is the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for formally secured computing from edge to cloud. Designed on the principles of Zero Trust, BedRock Systems integrates Active Security™ into the formally correct virtualization of the compute foundation. BedRock Systems brings safety to humans and machines as well as security to the world’s most critical systems and infrastructure. Industries like government, critical infrastructure, automotive and telecom also use BedRock to reduce cost and unlock new revenue by enabling innovation, even while under attack. BedRock your applications and workloads today, find more information at

About the CDM InfoSec Awards

This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s ninth year of honoring global InfoSec innovators. Our submission requirements are for any startup, early stage, later stage or public companies in the INFORMATION SECURITY (INFOSEC) space who believe they have a unique and compelling value proposition for their product or service. Learn more at

About the Judging

The judges are CISSP, FMDHS, CEH, certified security professionals who voted based on their independent review of the company submitted materials on the website of each submission including but not limited to data sheets, white papers, product literature and other market variables. CDM has a flexible philosophy to find more innovative players with new and unique technologies, than the one with the most customers or money in the bank. CDM is always asking “What’s Next?” so we are looking for Next Generation InfoSec Solutions.

About Cyber Defense Magazine

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