BedRock Systems Inc. Announces Appointment of Joel Gil to Lead Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Sales

Joel Gil

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., September 26, 2022 — BedRock Systems, the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for secured computing from edge to cloud, announced the addition of Joel Gil to head sales for Energy and Industrial Control Systems markets. A cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems sales veteran, Gil will leverage government and critical infrastructure expertise to drive growth in critical infrastructure and OT security segments.

Gil has more than 25 years of experience delivering secure operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) solutions across multiple markets in more than 15 countries. Prior to joining BedRock Systems, Gil worked with Rockwell Automation to manage top line growth targets for oil and gas solutions. He previously held roles at Wunderlich-Malec Engineering, Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., Siemens, and General Electric. 

“The consequences of a cyberattack on critical infrastructure can cripple industry and society alike,” said John Walsh, SVP Strategy and Business Development at BedRock Systems. “We’re excited to have Joel on board to help push the industry forward and reduce the risk of cyberattacks, as BedRock continues to secure critical infrastructure from the chipset to the cloud.” 

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure put nations and people at risk every day, with adversaries targeting vulnerabilities at the core of technologies that underly critical systems and infrastructure. Attackers commonly leverage tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) that blend in and masquerade as legitimate activity. With traditional IT systems ineffective in their ability to detect such threats, such attacks have the potential to cripple critical systems and infrastructure globally.

“BedRock Systems is an exciting place to be,” said Gil. “Since the 90s, I have seen the OT market evolve and grow, with critical systems becoming more automated, more data driven and more connected across a broader OT/IT landscape.  Modernizing and protecting these environments in the face of advanced cyberattacks has never been more crucial, nor more challenging.  I’m excited about the team and technology being built here at BedRock Systems and look forward to delivering solutions which truly change the game, helping our customers safeguard the security and resiliency of critical systems and infrastructure.”

BedRock Systems is on a mission to deliver a trusted computing base from edge to cloud, where the security and resiliency of cyber physical systems isn’t just a perception, it’s a formally proven reality. BedRock Hypervisor™ (BHV™) provides a trustworthy computing base with a minimal attack surface that fundamentally redefines security. Being proven with formal methods, BHV guarantees workloads behave as if they are running isolated on bare metal hardware. Combined with Active Security® policy enforcement, BedRock has created an unbreakable and secure layer of protection that is both invisible and unable to be bypassed, enabling new levels of security and resiliency to critical systems and infrastructure.

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BedRock Systems is the leading software company delivering an unbreakable foundation for secured computing from edge to cloud. Designed on the principles of Zero Trust and formal methods, BedRock Systems provides unprecedented levels of security and resiliency to the world’s most critical systems and infrastructure. Industries like Financial Services/DeFi, Government, Defense, Health & Life Sciences and other critical infrastructure sectors all use BedRock to improve cyber security, reduce cost and unlock new revenue by enabling innovation, even while under attack. BedRock your applications and workloads today. Learn more at


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