Developing with Formal Methods at BedRock Systems, Inc.

formal methods

The BedRock HyperVisor is a commercial, highly concurrent, verified virtualization platform that employs formal methods to enable proofs of complex, lock-free concurrent code; support automating proofs of large programs; and integrate with “informal” parts of the software lifecycle. Learn more about how we develop formal methods here at BedRock Systems.

How To Enhance Zero Trust – ZT

Zero Trust security model

Zero Trust – ZT relies on mutual authentication, verifying the identity and integrity of devices whether they exist inside or outside the network, and providing access to applications and services based on the confidence of device identity and device health in combination with user authentication and authorization. This provides a secure foundation for trusted communications […]

Time for Critical Industry to BedRock its Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Barely a week passes by without worrying news of an attack on the infrastructure we rely so heavily on. Who would have thought that the availability of the most essential foundations for life on this planet are at risk? While experts have warned for decades that we need to take action, the recent incident in […]