The Fatal Flaw of Circular Security Logic:

How Vulnerability Debt Undercuts Runtime Security


In this webinar, Ashar Aziz, co-founder of FireEye and BedRock Systems, and Scott Kuffer, co-founder and COO of Nucleus Systems, discuss:

  • The nature and potent impact of vulnerability debt and how it undercuts the integrity of the very cyber security tools that are meant to safeguard runtime security.
  • Explore approaches for tackling vulnerability debt – Intelligent Risk-Based Vulnerability Management and Defense Against Known Unpatched Vulnerabilities and Unknown Zero-Days

More on our Featured Panelists:

Scott Kuffer, Co-Founder & COO of Nucleus:

Operating as a hands-on technical executive, Kuffer and the team at Nucleus are building and managing security software aimed at optimizing the vulnerability management process. Prior to founding Nucleus, Scott was a Security Engineer at Rampant Technologies, providing security, systems, and software engineering services to the Federal Government. Scott holds a Master’s of Cybersecurity Management and Policy from Embry-Riddle.

Ashar Aziz, Sky Electric, FireEye and Terraspring:

The Founder, Executive Chairman of SkyElectric Inc. Ashar is also the creator of the core energy intelligence and management technologies embedded in the SkyElectric Smart Solar System. In 2018, Mr. Aziz received the most prestigious National award, Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his services in IT Industry. Previously, Ashar founded FireEye, Inc., (NASDAQ:FEYE), a global cyber-security company, in 2004. He served as the CEO of FireEye from 2004 until November 2012 and also served as its Board Vice Chairman, CFO and CTO.